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What We Do For You

At Dog Sport University, our online training is designed to help you throughout the entirety of your dog sport training journey, whether it be in agility, barn hunt, competition obedience, parkour, rally obedience, treibball or tricks.

Learn the skills necessary to succeed in your dog sport of choice with our online courses.

Take a deeper dive with our topic-specific seminars covering what every dog sport competitor needs.

With our 90-minute webinars, master skillsets that will help you and your dog across the board.

With our regularly updated blog and podcast, avoid pitfalls, overcome plateaus and much more.


About Us

We're professional dog trainers who are passionate about dog sports! As competitors, trial officials and actively involved in the competition organizations ourselves, we are committed to the awesomeness that is dog sports!


We love to hear from our clients!

Here is just a small sampling of the feedback we've received.

Took the Learn To Speak Dog Webinar tonight. It was amazing!!!!! Very thorough, with case examples, and overall great info every dog owner should know. Especially those that attend dog parks-this is a must learn body of knowledge! Can't speak more highly of the presenter!!! Has a wealth of knowledge so willing to share.

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