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How Can Dog Sport University Help You?

Perfect Puppies Program

Perfect Puppies Program

Are you suffering from puppy woes? Teach them skills, learn proper socialization and much more!

Family Dog Program

Family Dog Program

Is your dog more naughty than nice? Teach them the skills necessary to be a "good dog" with our Family Dog Program.

Dog Sport Courses

Dog Sport Courses

Do you want to earn more ribbons, or get started in a new dog sport? We have just the thing with our dog sport course program!

Courses to Check Out

Competent Canine Competitor

Does your dog disengage at a trial? Perhaps they run off in agility, blow their stays in obedience, get over-aroused in disc dog. Have you ever wondered what you can do to improve their performance? Then this course is for you! Learn how to maximize on your dog's focus and engagement, tap into reinforcers that work for them and become the team you always wanted to be.

Canine Conditioning Foundations

A strength and conditioning program for your dog can have many benefits; improving quality of life, sports performance, behavior, and your relationship as you bond through training. Improved strength and condition can increase your dog’s odds to avoid injury. This course will give you and your dog the foundational skills to get started in a conditioning program. The skills in this course alone will help improve your dog’s strength and body awareness, but will be critical when you start introducing equipment and more challenging exercises in higher courses.

Navigating CPE Agility Games

Especially, for people new to the sport, agility games can be challenging or intimidating to figure out and play. This course is designed to teach you, simply and easily, how they work and how your team can excel. We’ll review the rules, strategies and work together to develop plans for specific courses. With this class, you’ll be prepared to relax and have fun with your dog.

Rapid Recall

Having your dog come when you call is a crucial skill, and can be a lifesaver for your pup! In this course we will cover three types of recall: the Name Game, an Everyday Recall and an Emergency Recall. Be ready for your dog to dash toward you, no matter what!

Intro to Treibball: Balancing Skills

Are you looking for a job for your dog? Do you want to them to use their mind and their body? Are you interested in getting involved in a super fun activity? Then you need to try Treibball! Dubbed as urban herding, Treibball looks like a cross between soccer and billiards (and no herding instinct needed!). This course will give you the foundation necessary to introduce the game to your dog and get them ready to push those balls!

Novice Trick Dog: Tricks for Titles

Did you know you could earn a Trick Dog Title with your dog? It's true and this course is designed to help you achieve your Novice Trick Dog Title through the AKC Trick Dog program ! Let the fun BEGIN!

Leave It

An essential skill for every dog to master, Leave It not only ensures your dog's safety but teaches them impulse control. Learn how to give your dog this crucial skill in this course!

Walk Nice

Does taking the dog for a walk make you cringe and cause you to grab your shoulder waiting for the pain to kick in? Loose leash walking can be a challenging skill for dogs, but by breaking it down into small steps and keeping it fun and clear, you will begin to look forward to walking your dog around the neighborhood!

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Three Pillars of Dog Sport University

Quality Instruction

With a combination of informative narration, detailed video examples and helpful handouts, you will walk away understanding the hows and whys of each exercise.

Incredible Covenience

You have access to all the course and webinar materials for 1 full year. Refer back to this material as often as you like! Take your time and never feel rushed.

Flexible Learning Options

Choose the enrollment option that works best for you. Use the course forum to ask questions to the instructor as well as your fellow participants.

What DSU Students Say

Took the Learn To Speak Dog Webinar tonight. It was amazing!!!!! Very thorough, with case examples, and overall great info every dog owner should know. Especially those that attend dog parks-this is a must learn body of knowledge! Can't speak more highly of the presenter!!! Has a wealth of knowledge so willing to share.

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