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Learn How to Speak Dog Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
Ever wonder what your dog "says" throughout the day? Now you can find out and learn to speak dog. Doing so will make you a better dog owner!

Learn About Clicker Training Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
Have you heard of clicker training but are not sure what it is all about? Learn the power of this training technology and how to use it!

Mighty Management for Dog Owners

Length: 90 minutes
Does your house feel like a war-zone? We will cover the importance of management and how it can bring some much needed to peace!

Power of Consistency Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
We make rules and inevitably bend or break them. See the importance of consistency and how you can develop good habits for your dog.

Effective Rewards Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
Successful training hinges on using the best reinforcer for your particular dog. Learn what those may be, and how to use them, in this webinar.

Tricks for Terrific Trialing Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
Getting ready for your first dog sport trial, or maybe you are coming off a string of defeats? Learn some tips for success and pitfalls to avoid.

Introduction to CDSP Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
An amazing option for those looking to get involved in obedience competition, CDSP is a perfect fit for many dog owners. See if it is good fit for you!

What is Barn Hunt Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
You've heard about it in passing, but are on the fence. See why Barn Hunt is one of the fastest sports and why your dog should play too.

What is Scent Work Webinar

Length: 90 minutes
See what all the hoopla is about and determine if Scent Work would be a good fit for you and your dog. Our guess is it will be.