Watcher Enrollment

For those people who have a crazy schedule already, the Watcher enrollment option is the what you need! The ultimate in flexibility, this is essentially a self-taught approach. Watchers will have full access to all the course materials (including any informative narration, video examples or helpful handouts) and may view the general course forum. Perfect for people who learn by watching, you can read up on the discussions held by Students and Auditors. As with all the enrollment options, you have access to the course and forum for a full year, meaning you will have plenty of time to go over everything when it works best for you!

If you are looking to take a course but are dreading trying to shoehorn it into your already jam-packed schedule, the Watcher option is for you!

Find yourself wanting to ask questions after you have enrolled? No worries! You can upgrade to a Student or Auditor enrollment option at anytime!

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