Online Dog Sports and Dog Training Seminars

We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone! Therefore, we will occassionally offer online seminar series featuring highly qualified dog training professionals.

What are the benefits of an online seminar?


No travel or lodging fees

Save paying for a hotel, tolls or gas.

No taking time off of work

Whereas with a multi-day in-person event, you may very well have to take one or more days off of work.

No need to hire a dog or babysitter

Instead, you can stay home and save your money for more fun learning opportunities!

Go through the material at your own pace

No need to take hurried notes you cannot read later.

Have access to all the material for 1-full year

Want to refer back to something later? You can!
Seminar: Teaching Group Dog Training Classes

Whether you are new instructor or have been teaching classes for a while, this seminar will help ensure you're providing the best learning possible to both your human and canine students!

Seminar: Effective Private Instruction

Are you providing private lessons? If so, are you certain your human and canine clients are enjoying the best dog training results possible? We'll discuss how you can in this online seminar.