We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone! With that in mind, we are delighted to offer online dog sports and dog training seminars featuring highly qualified dog training professionals.

  • No travel or lodging fees.
  • No taking time off of work.
  • Just incredible convenience so you can get your learning on!

Be sure to check out these excellent learning opportunities!

Teaching a group dog training class of any variety requires an instructor to possess several things: knowledge, compassion, empathy, flexibility, professionalism and creativity. In this seminar, we discuss in detail each of the facets of instructing, and how you can improve your group dog training classes.
Working with a dog owner one-on-one in a private lesson allows you to focus on their individual needs and the needs of their dog. But how can you ensure they are getting the maximum benefit from these sessions? In this seminar, we discuss how to organize your sessions to improve outcomes, increase compliance and prevent compassion fatigue.