Basic Manners

We oftentimes forget that our dogs are an entirely different species than we are! What may be completely acceptable in the dog's world is not in the human world. It is therefore the responsibility of all dog owners and handlers to teach their dogs how to successfully navigate the human world. In this 6-week course we will do just that, training your dog the essential skills necessary to be a welcome addition to your household, and society at-large. 

Rapid Recall

Having your dog come when you call is a crucial skill, and can be a lifesaver for your pup! In this course we will cover three types of recall: the Name Game, an Everyday Recall and an Emergency Recall. Be ready for your dog to dash toward you, no matter what!

Spectacular Stays

Once your dog understands the concept of "Stay", you need to proof it to ensure it will work in all contexts. Will your dog "stay" even though they hear the doorbell? Can they hold their position if a squirrel were to scurry up a tree? In this 4-week course, we will work on how to proof your dog's stays, while keeping the process fun and engaging!

Walk Nice

Does taking the dog for a walk make you cringe and cause you to grab your shoulder waiting for the pain to kick in? Loose leash walking can be a challenging skill for dogs, but by breaking it down into small steps and keeping it fun and clear, you will begin to look forward to walking your dog around the neighborhood!