Shaping Behavior

Shaping behavior is an advanced training technique. The trainer will work with behaviors the dog voluntarily offers, gradually building off of each until the result is a complex and complete behavior. Shaping is a fun and mentally exhausting exercise, which means your dog will get tuckered out by learning! Win-win! 

Rear Foot Awareness

Young dogs oftentimes forget they have back feet. These appendages seem to just follow the dog along as they go from Point A to Point B. Rear foot awareness is essential in agility, canine parkour, canine fitness and a number of other behaviors and activities. In this course, we will discuss how you can go about teaching this awareness and then applying it for your training goals. 

Shaping "Paws Up"

In this course we will discuss how you can teach your dog to place their front feet up onto an elevated surface on cue. We will go over how to keep this behavior isolated to certain instances so your dog is not simply placing their feet on everything and everyone. This is a fun and beneficial trick, especially for those dogs who are more sensitive and concerned about the world around them.

Shaping "Clean Up"

Do you look around your house and see dog toys scattered everywhere? Wouldn't it be nice if your dog would clean up after themselves? In this 4-week class, we will teach your dog to do just that - clean up!