Spectacular Stays

Spectacular Stays

Once your dog understands the concept of "Stay", you need to proof it to ensure it will work in all contexts. Will your dog "stay" even though they hear the doorbell? Can they hold their position if a squirrel were to scurry up a tree? In this 4-week course, we will work on how to proof your dog's stays, while keeping the process fun and engaging!

Course Details

A solid stay is one of the core behaviors every dog should have. Especially if you are interested in doing dog sports, your dog may need to do a stay behavior in a variety of increasingly difficult contexts. The key is to avoid drilling this behavior. Instead, make staying something your dog loves to do. We accomplish this with a variety of fun and engaging games throughout this course.

Length: 4-weeks

Suggested Courses: Family Dog I

What You Will Need:

  • your dog
  • flat or martingale collar
  • 6'-8' leash
  • TON of mid- to high-value treats
  • 1-2 toys your dog thoroughly enjoys playing with
  • mat or rug for your dog to lay on

Course Outline

  • Introducing Distrations
  • Adding Nearby Movement
  • Increasing Stimulus Control
  • Prolonged Stays
  • Stays at a Distance
  • Proofing Games

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