Julie Sandoval

Julie Sandoval

Barn Hunt Instructor

Co-Founder for USCSS™

USCSS™ CSD and Judge

AKC Scent Work Judge

Barn Hunt Instructor

Earned RATCH

Julie has been involved with dogs since she was eleven years old. She is truly passionate about dogs, dog sports and anything that helps build and strengthen the human/canine bond. She has competed in several different dog sports, including Agility, Barn Hunt, Conformation, Rally Obedience and Scent Work, with the latter being one of her all-time favorites.

As such, Julie co-founded a new Scent Work competition organization in 2016, United States Canine Scent Sports. Under Julie's guidance, USCSS™ has developed into a welcoming Scent Work venue that is designed to build a supportive community while offering challenging, yet fun and fair Scent Work searches for as many dogs and handlers as possible. Julie is also an approved AKC Scent Work Judge and formed the Greater Los Angeles Scent Work Club, which hosts AKC Scent Work trials and seminars throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. As if that weren't enough, Julie also created the scentwork411 list, where Scent Work trainers, instructors and classes may be listed throughout the country, with the goal of giving peope more access to learn about this fantastic game and sport.  

Julie is the co-owner of Action Dog Sports, a dog training facility which features gorgeous competition-sized grass agility rings, Barn Hunt rings and is a regular site for several dog sport trials and competitions. It is here that Julie teaches her in-person Barn Hunt classes, and students revel in her ability to hone their skills while supporting their dogs and making the learning process fun and engaging. 

Julie breeds Papillons and Dalmatians, whom she trains and competes with in a variety of dog sports. Additionally, she competes with her Border/Staffie cross and Anatolian Shepherds in Conformation, Agility, Barn Hunt and Scent Work. You may learn more about her breeding program and dogs at her Easy to Spot website. 

Passionate, dedicated, driven and determined, Julie is an outstanding instructor, trainer and handler. She shares her life with her partner, Daneen Fox, an accomplished annd highly-regarded international agility competitor and instructor, their dogs, miniature horses, donkeys, goats and other animal wards whom they adore. 

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