Jinny Chow

Jinny Chow

Competition Obedience Instructor

Rally and Obedience Competitor

Agility Competitor

Barn Hunt Competitor

Scent Work Competitor


Jinny Chow has been training dogs for more than 20 years. She fell in love with training dogs as a young girl, after meeting a cousin’s well trained Labrador Retriever, and obedience remains her first love. Jinny competes with her Shelties and Papillon in several dog sports, including scent work, barn hunt, agility, as well as obedience and rally. Jinny has earned multiple titles with her dogs in all of these venues.

Another of Jinny’s loves is pet therapy. Three of her current dogs are certified therapy dogs, and she and her Sheltie Jasmine not only earned an AKC Therapy Dog title, but were part of an animal assisted crisis response pet therapy program. Jinny is a former evaluator for Pet Partners and CGC evaluator.

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