Instructors: Interested in Offering Webinars

Thank you again for being an instructor with Dog Sport University, you rock! We would love for you to offer webinars through DSU!

Below is a quick breakdown of how this would work. If you are still interested, please complete the form on this page and I will get you a contract to look over and then electronically sign.

Platform Used:  WebinarJam (will be an account through DSU), and I will moderate your webinars for you.

What Topics Can I Offer? Whatever you like, it is entirely up to you. The only requirement is that it follows positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques.

Is There a Forum? No.

How Long Are They? My webinars typically run 90-minutes, but I always try to cover too much. You can offer a 60-minute or 90-minute webinar, it is up to you.

What is My Cut? 80% of the fee charged, minus any discounts or refunds. DSU retains 20% to cover administrative costs. Your payment will be sent following the twice-a-month model.

What Is Charged? 

  • Live Webinar: $25.00
  • Recorded Webinar: $20.00

My goal for DSU is to provide access to outstanding instruction and dog training regardless of where the dog owners may actually live. All of you are outstanding instructors, and I would love for you to offer online webinars through DSU.

If you would like to offer these Webinars through DSU, please fill out the form below:

Offer Webinars through Dog Sport University