Instructors: Interested in Offering Seminars

Thank you again for being an instructor with Dog Sport University, you rock! We would love for you to offer seminars through DSU!

Below is a quick breakdown of how this would work. If you are still interested, please complete the form on this page and I will get you a contract to look over and then electronically sign.

Types of Seminars: 

  • Self-taught option where the seminar is created and then posted to the DSU site for people to purchase and go through at their own pace.
  • Video-chat option where there will be two types of members, Gold and Silver. Gold members will be entitled to attending one 1.5 hour video chat with you, where they can ask questions, etc. Silver members would not have access to this chat.

Platform Used:  For the video chat seminars, we will use Zoom (will be an account through DSU, and you will have your own login), and I can moderate if you like.

What Topics Can I Offer? Whatever you like, it is entirely up to you. The only requirement is that it follows positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques.

Is There a Forum? No.

What is My Cut? 80% of the fee charged, minus any discounts or refunds. DSU retains 20% to cover administrative costs. Your payment will be sent following the twice-a-month model.

What Is Charged? 

  • Gold Members: $195.00
  • Silver Members: $145.00

If you wanted to offer a different price, just let me know.

My goal for DSU is to provide access to outstanding instruction and dog training regardless of where the dog owners may actually live. All of you are outstanding instructors, and I would love for you to offer online semianrs through DSU.

If you would like to offer these online seminars through DSU, please fill out the form below:

Offer Online Seminars through Dog Sport University