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What is Barn Hunt Webinar

Have your heard about the newer dog sport that is taking the country by storm? A sport where your dog can tap into their hunting skills without harming any creatures, have fun working out puzzles and have an appropriate mental and physical outlet? To say Barn Hunt has exploded in popularity is an understatement!

Learn all about this wonderful sport from a Barn Hunt Judge and enthusiast in this webinar.

Webinar Requirements

Take a look at the Barn Hunt Association Rules here.

Webinar Length


Webinar Outline

  • History and Purpose of Barn Hunt
  • Stars of the Show: The Rats!
  • Detailed Description of the Classes
  • Breakdown of How a Trial Works
  • Look at the Rules
  • How to Enter a Trial
  • What the Briefing Entails
  • Tips: Entering and Exiting the Ring
  • Tips: Instinct Run
  • Tips: Novice and Above Runs

Is This Webina for You?

  • Does your dog love to sniff? Give them the opportunity to tap into their hunting skills in an appropriate and safe way.
  • Are you looking to give your dog a job? Barn Hunt is a wonderful way to work out your dog mentally and physically!
  • Want to do something fun with your dog? One of the fastest dog sports, Barn Hunt is fun for dogs and humans alike!

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Puls

Chris Puls

Guest Instructor

Chris' Credentials

Barn Hunt Judge

Barn Hunt Instructor

Barn Hunt Competitor

AKC Scent Work Judge

Founder of S.E. Indiana Barn Hunt Club

Webinar Replay

Access to replay for 1-year

Access to all associated resources

May email speaker with questions


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