Learn How to Speak Dog Webinar

Every dog owner and handler needs to undestand dog body behavior. This introductory webinar will cover the main ways in which our dogs communicate with one another and us, as well as signs an owner or handler may need to make an adjustment to help their dog.

Webinar Details

Unlike people, dogs are not a verbal species. In contrast, they communicate with one another through a series of intricate, subtle and sometimes overt body language cues. Our dogs also use these cues to communicate with us! As such, every dog owner and handler should know what these cues means so they can make informed decisions when training, handling and living with their dogs. We will look at still shots, breaking them down, as well as some video footage. Participants will also be provided with links to oustanding references to further their understanding of dog body behavior.

Webinar Outline

  • What is Canine Body Behavior
  • The Five Major Body Areas Dogs Use to Communicate
  • Common Behavioral Cues

Live Version

Live versions will be scheduled in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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