Learn About Clicker Training Webinar

Have you ever heard of clicker training? Does it seem intimidating or too complicated to give a try? Never fear, we are here! In this webinar we will discuss what clicker training is, why it is effective and how you can get started using it with your dog today!

Webinar Details

Clicker training is a highly effective training technique which uses an audible marker, the "CLICK", to let the dog know when they have done something correctly and a reward will immediately follow. The use of this training technology allows handlers to zero in on very specific behaviors. For instance, you can teach your dog to lick their lips on cue, turn their ears to the side or even take a breath! Dog owners can also use the clicker to help train their dog basic obedience, from sitting for visitors to walking nicely on-leash.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!  In this webinar we will cover what the clicker is, why it is so effective, how it can help maximize your training results and how to get started with your own dog. Let the clicking fun begin!

What You Will Need:

  • your dog
  • box or button clicker
  • LOTS of high-value and smelly treats

Webinar Outline

  • What is Canine Body Behavior
  • The Five Major Body Areas Dogs Use to Communicate
  • Common Behavioral Cues

Live Version

Live versions will be scheduled in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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