Treibball Courses

Treibball is oftentimes referred to as urban herding, or the canine equivalent of playing soccer. Dogs are expected to push fitness balls into a goal where the handler is standing, solely relying on verbal cues. This newer dog sport taps into instinctual drives while giving the dogs a ton of mental and physical stimulation, makes Treibball a wonderful activity for all dogs!

Our Treibball Courses walk you through the process of getting started in this activity as well as getting ready for competition.

Check out the Treibball Courses we offer here at Dog Sport University, your dog will be so excited that you did!

Are you looking for a job for your dog? Do you want to them to use their mind and their body? Are you interested in getting involved in a super fun activity? Then you need to try Treibball! Dubbed as urban herding, Treibball looks like a cross between soccer and billiards (and no herding instinct needed!). This course will give you the foundation necessary to introduce the game to your dog and get them ready to push those balls!