Scent Sports Courses

Scent Sports focus on one thing: your dog's incredible sense of smell! These sports tap into an amazing ability by the dog to track down specific odors in challenging working environments, while promoting better partnership and observational skills on the part of the handler.

Our Scent Sports Courses cover a variety of dog sports which tap into your dog's amazing sense of smell. These include: Barn Hunt, Scent Hurdles and  Tracking

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You've heard of the super popular newer dog sport of Barn Hunt and you want to give it a try with your dog...but you have no idea where to start! Perhaps you are an instructor looking to offer this class in your area. In this course you will learn a technique that is proven to peak a dog's interest, set the handler up to succeed and most importantly, is fun!
Competing in Barn Hunt? Then you need to take this course! Learn the techniques designed not only to help you secure your title, but also shave seconds off each run to help you qualify for placements! Best of all, achieve these goals all while having a fun and memorable time with your dog.
In this course you will learn all the tricks of the trade to ensure your Barn Hunt rats are happy and healthy. After all, they are the stars of the show!
An essential part to every Barn Hunt program are the stars of the show: the rats! In this course, you will learn how to help these intelligent creatures get ready for their important roles in training dogs, while focusing on keeping them safe and having it be a fun game for all involved!

Interested in Scent Work?

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