Canine Fitness Program

Scent Sports Program

Scent Sports focus on one thing: your dog's incredible sense of smell! These sports tap into an amazing ability by the dog to track down specific odors in challenging working environments, while promoting better partnership and observational skills on the part of the handler.

Our Scent Sports Courses cover a variety of dog sports which tap into your dog's amazing sense of smell. These include: Barn HuntScent Hurdles and  Tracking

Be sure to check out the Scent Sports courses we offer here at Dog Sport University...your dog will be delighted you did!

Starting a New Dog in Barn Hunt

Learn how you can start a new dog in the fast-growing dog sport of Barn Hunt!

Competitive Barn Hunt

Ensure you are ready to have the best showing when you begin to trial in Barn Hunt with this course. 

Learn how to avoid some of the most common problems people and dogs have in Barn Hunt.