Canine Fitness Courses

Canine Fitness is something every dog owner, handler and trainer should be aware of. All of our dogs are athletes, and if we do not take the proper steps, they can become injured or sore while training and playing with us. Thoughtful Canine Fitness programs help prevent this.

Our Canine Fitness Courses offer tips and protocols that are easily accessible and doable to every dog owner, whether their main focus is playing a fun game of fetch with their dog, or it is competing at the highest levels of the dog sport of their choice.

Here are the online Canine Fitness Courses we offer here at Dog Sport University. Be sure to check them out!

A strength and conditioning program for your dog can have many benefits; improving quality of life, sports performance, behavior, and your relationship as you bond through training. Improved strength and condition can increase your dog’s odds to avoid injury. This course will give you and your dog the foundational skills to get started in a conditioning program. The skills in this course alone will help improve your dog’s strength and body awareness, but will be critical when you start introducing equipment and more challenging exercises in higher courses.