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We have tons of wondeful dog training opportunities. Whether you are looking for help in training your dog to be a "good boy/girl" or are looking for ways to take your competition skills to the next level, we've got you covered! Check out our upcoming courses and don't miss out, enroll today.

Family Dog I

Course opens August 6th
Do you wish your canine companion was a "good dog"? We have just the thing.

Spectacular Stays

Course open August 6th
Teach your dog to have a solid stay no matter what!

Rapid Recall

Course opens August 6th
Your dog will learn to come to you EVERY time you call them!

Canine Good Citizen Prep

Course opens August 6th
Ready to test your dog's skills? Can they pass the 10-part CGC test? With this course, they can!

Shaping Behavior

Course opens August 6th
Your dog will to learn! They will begin to offer behaviors that you can then build to impress family and friends alike!

Targeting: Go to Mat

Course opens August 6th
Does your dog beg during mealtimes or pester people at the door? Solve those problems with this course!

Competent Canine Competitor

Course opens August 6th
Do you want increase your dog's focus and drive when competing? Then this course is for you!

Navigating CPE Agility Games

Course opens August 6th
Are you looking for tips to succeed in CPE Agility? Look no further, this course has what you need!

Canine Conditioning Foundation

Course opens August 6th
Every dog owner needs this: learn the foundation to keep your dog fit and injury free.