Why Choose DSU

Reward Based Training

Reward-based training is using something your dog finds rewarding (treats, toy, attention, play, verbal praise, opportunities to do what they like) to strengthen a behavior that we like.

Translation: if your dog sits, we will give them a treat initially to let them know we like it when they sit. Then, we will move on to incorporate this behavior into our daily life. That means if the dog wants something, they will sit. Want me to toss this toy? Sit first. Want to go outside? Sit while I open the door. The possibilities are endless!

This training approach is super clear to the dog, and recognizes that dogs do what works. So if we can make what we want them to do rewarding to the dog (it is in their best interest to do), they will do that preferred behavior more often!

That means less nuance and problematic behaviors, and more “good dog” behaviors. YAY!