What are Dog Sports

Online Dog Training Works

People will oftentimes ask, “Does online dog training really work?”. We are happy to report that yes, online dog training does indeed work.

Why Online Dog Training Works 

There are a couple of reasons why online dog training actually works:


Participants may easily refer back to the course material.

With an online course, you may go through a course multiple times. With FDU, you are also able view the course material on a variety of devices – desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets – and you may download this material offline. This means you may listen to the instructor’s directions and tips immediately before, during and after doing the actual exercise with your dog! Better still, all participants have access to the course material

Course material is detailed and designed to reach as many different learning styles as possible.

The instructors at FDU also teach in-person group dog training classes. They understand what exercises work best in certain situations as well as which potential modifications to suggest. This expertise is pulled upon when building and creating their online courses. By using a combination of detailed narration, informative video examples and helpful handouts, instructors are able to provide in-depth explanations of the various exercises, focusing not only on the hows but also the whys.

Course forum provides an opportunity for participants to receive detailed support and feedback from the instructor.

Students and Auditors have the ability to post any questions they may have to the course forum, where they will receive feedback and answers not only from their instructor, but from their fellow course participants as well. It is common for people to have similar questions, and with the course forum, we can ensure all of those questions are answered! While Watchers may not post to the course forum, they do still have access to view it and all of the relevant posts.