Proper Management

Power of Proper Management

Training is absolutely crucial to help your dog be successful in life. However, management is equally important and can avoid your dog from getting into trouble in the first place.

An example of proper management would be using a baby gate to block your dog’s access to a room that you renovating. This is to keep both the dog and the space safe. There is no need for them to be wandering around where there are exposed wires, sharp edges and chemicals. This application of management is easy for many people to understand. 

However there are some other applications of management that may not be as clear. For instance, you could use that same baby gate to block off the carpeted hallway while you are potty training your dog. Limiting their access to only those areas you can watch them can help avoid accidents. This way you can notice when they are showing signs that they need to go potty and then take them out to do so.

Remember, it is always much easier and better to prevent a problem than it is to fix it. Management is one of the key ways you can help your dog from getting themselves into trouble in the first place. 

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