In-Person Dog Training Opportunities

In-Person Dog Training Opportunities

You may find yourself wanting to work one-on-one with a Dog Sport University instructor in-person. They may be offering a workshop, seminar or a different course you are interested in. We think they are all pretty amazing professionals, so if you had the opportunity to do so, we highly recommend it!

Here is a listing of their private businesses:

United States


Julie Sandoval - Action Dog Sports


Bonnie Henderson - Tails-U-Win! Canine Center, LLC


Chris Puls - S.E. Indiana Barn Hunt Club


Michael McManus - Ready, Sit, Go

Natalie McManus - Ready, Sit, Go

New Hampshire

Barb Burri - Paws 4 Dog Training

New York

Lori Coventry - Do Over Dog Training


Megan Sartori - The Stellar Dog


Renea Dahms - Pawsitively Unleashed!