Course Example

Course Example

Are you wondering what a course at Dog Sport Univesity will look like? What it will feature? You're in luck, we are offering this Course Example to show you just that! Check it out and see how the online dog training offered through Dog Sport University can help you and your dog.

Course Details

Online dog training can be intimidating to many people. There seems to be too much technology to navigate, learn and get use to. Besides, to be effective, instruction must be done in-person...right? Not necessarily! In this course example, we will discuss how Dog Sport University provides the instruction you need, by reaching as many learning styles as possible. Our instructors pull in years of experience from teaching in-person group classes to give you the best experience possible. We will also discuss how you can use and navigate the Dog Sport University website, course player and forum to get the most out of your learning experience. Better still, this course is completely free! Let's get started!

Course Outline

  • Illustrating what a DSU course looks like
  • Discuss how we provide a high-quality learning experience
  • Explain how narration adds value to the lesson
  • Showcase how to utilize the course player and the site in general

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