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Learn About Clicker Training Webinar

Have you ever heard of clicker training? Does it seem intimidating or too complicated to give a try? Never fear, we are here! In this webinar we will discuss what clicker training is, why it is effective and how you can get started using it with your dog today!

Learn How to Speak Dog Webinar

Every dog owner and handler needs to undestand dog body behavior. This introductory webinar will cover the main ways in which our dogs communicate with one another and us, as well as signs an owner or handler may need to make an adjustment to help their dog.

Mighty Management for Dog Owners Webinar

What is normal for dogs to do oftentimes conflict with what we find acceptable in the human world. In this webinar, we will cover several good management approaches every dog owner and handler should practice to help set their dog up to succeed. 

Tricks for Terrific Trialing

Are you new to dog sports? Have you been practicing and training and are ready to take the plunge into your first trial? Are you completely lost on how to proceed? This webinar will answer these questions and much more!

What is Barn Hunt Webinar

Have your heard about the newer dog sport that is taking the country by storm? A sport where your dog can tap into their hunting skills without harming any creatures, have fun working out puzzles and have an appropriate mental and physical outlet? To say Barn Hunt has exploded in popularity is an understatement! Learn all about this wonderful sport from a Barn Hunt Judge and enthusiast.

Intro to CDSP Webinar

Are you interested in getting involved in Competition Obedience, but am uncertain if you or your dog are ready? Companion Dog Sport Program, otherwise known as CDSP, is an amazing option! In this webinar, we will discuss what this sport is all about and why it would be a good a fit for your dog. CDSP is the venue your dog would choose.